Most educated rural youth migrate to cities in search of job opportunities since their villages offer little or none. These helpless youth have no choice but to leave their families and the proud village culture behind and flock the cities with the hope of making a decent living. The impressive economic progress the country is experiencing today is only limited to the urban areas and benefiting middle class and above. This progress will not sustain on long term unless the rural India is brought into nation-wide development. The group of successful and likely minded professionals of TRANSVISION, with the intention of doing their little mite to address this dire need, have launched an initiative to set up business processing centers in the rural areas of North Karnataka.

Remote processing of non-critical business transactions such as data entry, simple book keeping, expenses handling, document digitization and archival, etc., requires very basic infrastructure with reliable network connectivity and enthusiastic youth who can be trained.

The initiative incorporates the following operating principles:

Training is a critical part of the program and the employees are provided minimum 3 months of training in basic English and computer skills.

Preference is given to people with disabilities and from low-income family.Jobs are offered in accordance with education levels and profile.

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  • Tax Preparation.
  • Payroll Processing.
  • Book Keeping.
  • Medical Transcription.
  • Legal Transcription.
  • Accounting Services.
  • Data Processing.
  • Digital Data Documentation.
  • Data Entry.

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