Analytics as a career

According to the Harvard Business Review, the Data Scientist is the ‘Sexiest Job of the 21st Century’

The Analytics Industry is one of the fastest growing in modern times with IT poised to become a $50 billion market by 2017. With this sudden surge in the analytics industry there is a tremendous increase in the demand for analytics expertise across all domains, throughout all major organizations across the globe. It has been predicted that by 2018, the United States alone could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills as well as 1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions (McKinsey Global Institute). NASSCOM has estimated that from 50,000 today, the demand for Analytics professionals in India will grow to 2,50,000 by 2015. As per Gartner research, more than 4.4 million jobs in the area of big data analytics will be created by 2015.

Registering into an Analytics (Business Analytics) training course is the next big thing that is already started to transform businesses professionals and their ability to compete to enable them to make smarter decisions. Analytics is the new career of choice for those who want to stay ahead with qualifications from Business Analytics Course, Data Science and Big Data Analytics Training, Business Analysts college training in data analytics, Professional analytics training, SAS training and SAS certification, SPSS certification, Retail Analytics, Banking and Financial analytics courses, R at training, Analytics with R training courses, Fraud analytics courses, Web Analytics course or Online Analytics classes which are available from beginners to advanced levels with both instructor led and online modes. Analysts jobs range from a career Chief Analytics Officer, Chief Data Officer, Data Scientists, Business Analyst, System Analyst, Programmer Analyst, Data Analyst, Financial/Investment Analyst, Marketing/Retail analyst, Strategic Analyst, Insight analyst, HR analyst etc which are among most well paid careers (it is also among the well-paid first-jobs). Companies are now beginning to create an extremely important new position called the Data Scientist/Chief Analytics Officer! Analytics is one of the best career options today and those who invest in it will be on the fast track to success. And the right time is NOW.

A career in Business Analytics requires knowledge and skills from an extremely diverse set of fields: mathematics, statistics, economics, econometrics, IT, marketing, finance, HR, domain knowledge and of course a set of software tools. This means that while almost anyone with an interest in numbers can get in, but everyone will need some business analytics training from experienced data scientists/ industry experts/ academicians to hone their skills. Analytics is not so much about tools or IT/IS technologies; it is a way of thinking that allows the use of Statistics knowledge, Software tools and technologies to extract valuable insights from that big data.

Needs of analyst in various sectors/industries

Clinical research / pharma companies/ health care
Finance / bankings /investment sector
Human resource management / talent acquisition
Innovation / social networking sites / e commerce/ e bay
Manufacturing / product base companies
Marketing / advertising
Supply chain
Travel and tourism / transport
Public administration / governance
Service base companies
Policy-maker / decision maker
Space research
GIS mapping
Weather department
social science
Intelligence agencies

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